TotalTech 5v5



We are looking for the following to complete some age groups for the summer league:

Woodlands: (2) 2010-2011 teams

Q&B Sports: (2) 2014-2015 teams

If you are interested please email so we can add you. 


Cost: $650 per team; shirts are provided for each team

Roster Size: 10 (no guest players; players cannot play on two different teams in the same age group)

Dates: June 8, 2024 through July 28, 2024 (finals)

Age Groups:

2016-2017 (Will play 6v6 at Q&B Sports due to size of the field at that location)






TotalTech Performance Center 28137 Robinson Rd. in Oak Ridge North

Q&B Sports 1739 Bingle Rd. Houston


Waivers are below for each location. Every player must have a signed waiver on file prior to the first match. 

Q&B Sports Waiver

Woodlands Waiver

5v5 League Rules

Questions: please email

As a reminder no cleats on the turf at either location. Please use indoor or turf shoes for the matches. 

Contact Us

28137 Robinson Rd
Conroe, Texas 77385